In ancient Egypt they believed cats were divine. As part of my spiritual search I decided to test this belief, so I began praying to my cat, Rorschach. He was a tough old black-on-white alley cat who dropped by occasionally to demand that I put out some offerings for him. Fortunately he did not require living sacrifices. Milk and kibbles sufficed.

Sometimes I prayed to Rorschach for specific things. When I got them I knew it was because Rorschach loved me and was thankful for my offerings. When I didn't get them I knew it was because Rorschach loved me and they wouldn't have been good for me. Sometimes the things I got turned out well, and I was sure that meant that Rorschach really loved me. Sometimes they came out poorly, and I was grateful that Rorschach loved me enough to give me that learning experience.

The results of this experiment appear to indicate that the Egyptians were right, but something seems to be amiss. I'm not sure what. Rorschach’s gone now but that doesn’t matter. I can still pray to him for clarity.