Every night we create new "realities.” We create time, space, people, places, things. All of this is going on within our mind. But what about when we're awake? We know that's real!
Most of us think we are our body, or at least that we are within our body. But we never consider what our body really is.

If we had an electron microscope we would see that, like everything else "material," our body is made up of molecules. Molecules are groups of atoms held together by mutual attraction. The spaces between the atoms, as compared to the size of the atoms, is like the space between our solar system and another, as compared to the size of our solar system. The size of the atom is very small compared to the size of the molecule. In other words, the molecule is mostly nothing.

If we look at one of the atoms, the only “solid” things in our body, we find a bunch of electrons spinning around a nucleus, a lot like our planets spinning around our sun. And again the size of the electrons is infinitesimal, compared to the size of the atom, like the size of planets, compared to the size of the solar system. In other words, an atom is almost entirely nothing.

Now what about the electrons and the particles in the nucleus? They aren't solid either. There are sub-atomic particles. There are even virtual particles. And modern physics no longer considers them to be particles. They’re waves or probabilities.

The closer we look the less we find. The reality is that our bodies, these things we think we are, or think we are in, are essentially space. The solid something which is supposed to be us, or contain us, is nothing.

Of course, this is also true of everything else we call solid, liquid or gas… nothing.