Put your hand about a foot in front of your face and point at a spot about three or four inches behind your "eyes." Focus your attention on the finger pointing at you. Now focus your attention on what the finger is pointing at. What do you experience there? A head? No fair peeking in a mirror; no fair remembering what's there; no fair believing what you've been told, what you've been conditioned to know is there. What do you experience yourself to be, right now?

Do you experience being inside a meatball in a head, all dark and wet and cramped? Do you experience being inside a brain with electrical impulses flying about, being in some seat of consciousness? Do you experience yourself as looking out through two peepholes? Check and see… are any of these your experience?

Or do you experience consciousness, awareness, unlimited awareness? Sometimes it's room-sized, sometimes it includes the stars. Sometimes it includes my face, never yours.

Our conditioning has everything as "out there." Is it your experience that everything is here, within this infinite consciousness which you seem to be?