Cause and Effect

Everyone understands cause and effect. Something that happens now, the cause, causes something to happen in the future, its effect. The order of the universe depends on cause and effect.

There's cause and effect in plays, too. An actor does something in the first act which eventually leads to the final scene. Or did the finale scene determine the first act? Perhaps what the play-write really wanted to express was in the final scene, and that necessitated the first act; the conclusion of the play determined the opening scenes.

In the case of dreams it's really confusing. Does the beginning of the dream cause the ending? Or is there something which needs to be dreamed, which determines the start? Or maybe the entire dream is created by the subconscious in one instant, and then fed to the mind serially, over time (dream time, not “real” time).

Dreams might be like movies. A movie is already complete on the tape while we watch it. While it plays we see what looks like cause and effect, but the ending has been determined and was on tape long before the show started.

Maybe what we call reality was determined in advance, before time existed, by some Architect of It All. The Architect chose all the events and scheduled them to happen as the universe unfolds. No cause or effect in that scenario.