So what we see isn't necessarily what's there, and we can continue to see it even when we know it's not there. The entire movie industry is based on this principle.

You go to a movie and watch a chase scene. The cars race through the city, on and off freeways, sirens screaming, often nearly getting into wrecks. Your heart is pounding, hoping the guy being chased will get away (or be caught). Your breath gets quick, your adrenaline rises. A fifty mile chase … on a fifty foot screen.

Your entire body/mind system has bought the reality of the scene in front of you, even though you "know" it's only a movie.

The bigger the screen and the better the sound system, the better the illusion; the easier it is for you to buy the movie as real.

Conditioning works the same way. The more people tell you something, and the more you trust the people who tell you, the easier it is to buy it. Eventually, if you are told something long enough, by enough trusted people, what you are told becomes your reality.